New News :Al Badeel Center concluded the specialized training course on the interaction and experience exchange among the Jordanian and Palestinian youth in the field of political parties. Al Badeel Center In collaboration with Frederic Ebert concluded a workshop titled" Towards a compatible municipality law"


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Towards interaction and experience exchange among the Jordanian and Palestinian youth


Al Badeel Center for Studies and Research concluded the specialized training course on the interaction and experience exchange among the Jordanian and Palestinian youth in the field of political parities. The workshop was conducted in Amman, during the period 20-22/3/2014, with the participation of 20 members of the leftist youth members from Jordan and Palestine. The workshop included presentation of the youth political experiences and trends of development of each party.
A number of party leaders presented their vision on the role of youth under the political changes. These visions included a training kit on a number of skills, with initiatives to develop and enhance the youth participation in the political process.
At the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Jamal Al Khateeb, the Chairman of Al Badeel Center, urged that such workshop comes under the hamper of building a leftist youth and student current especially in Jordan, which comes for various reasons, including those relating to the parties themselves and the weakness and lack of experience, skills and knowledge by youth, as well as the absence of programs that satisfy the needs of youth within the parties. On the other hand, the workshop comes after the interaction with some of the student and youth leaderships and after consultation with some of the leaders of the parties, which confirmed the need to implement a dialogue and interactive workshop among the Palestinian and Jordanian youth to exchange experiences through a democratic dialogue, that may result in attracting larger sector of youth.
In addition, the Chairman of the Center offered appreciation to the Danish Parliament Organization for Supporting Parties and Democracy, for supporting this workshop, showing that 9 youth from three leftist parties from Palestine (the Democratic Front, Fida, Peoples' Party) and 9 from the Jordanian parties and leftist currents (Democratic People's Party, Hashd, Popular Democratic Jordanian Party, the Leftist Social Party, SDP, the Jordanian Communist Party, the Jordanian Youth Movement Current participated in this workshop.
Workshop Events
In the first session, youth conducted a dialogue where they talked about themselves, the status of their organizations and visions on various issues, away from extremity, with the progress towards good citizenship, which may develop the democratic track in Jordan and Palestine.
In the second session, the Deputy of the Secretary of the Jordanian Communist Party (Mr. Faraj Tmaizi); Mr. Abdul Majeed Dandees, member of the political office of the Popular Unity Party and Abla Abu Elbeh, the General Secretary of the Jordanian Peoples' Party, presented the vision of the political parties about the role of youth in the political changes in the region in general and Jordan and Palestine in particular.
The speakers have agreed on the important role of youth in the parties, the need to access decision making positions within the parties and to activate the programs that satisfy their needs and ambitions, not to forget the importance of developing youth organization, initiatives, expanding youth participation, with a call about the importance of practicing the political activities in the universities, building a comprehensive youth and student framework for the leftist movement, to equal other political currents that dominate political work under bright and emotional slogans.
The training content
A three –day training sessions that handled a number of skills, especially in the field of youth and voluntary work, presented by Dr. Adnan Al Tobasi. On the other hand, Dr. Fakhir Da'ad, the Coordinator of (Dhabahtouna Campaign) made presentations on the campaigns and pressing lobbies, while Dr. Haifa Haydar made a presentation on the democratic dialogue and accepting the opinion and the others'. Mr. Badi Baqa'in, made a presentation on networks and networking. During the presentations, work groups were formed and presented practical initiatives relating to the status of the parties. Moreover, youth presented their experiences in this field.
Conclusion and recommendations
At the end of the workshop, a session was conducted to evaluate the activities and to discuss the recommendations, namely, the importance of providing youth with the various necessary skills, enhancing the role of youth in the political and party work.
The participants called for more expanded meetings to exchange experiences and dialogues on youth conditions within the parties, with the need to expand coordination among them; develop youth status and conditions in the youth organizations inside the parties; access to the decision making positions, develop the political lives and make use of youth experiences in the Arab region.




































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