New News :Al Badeel Center concluded the specialized training course on the interaction and experience exchange among the Jordanian and Palestinian youth in the field of political parties. Al Badeel Center In collaboration with Frederic Ebert concluded a workshop titled" Towards a compatible municipality law"


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A training workshop for the female members of the municipal councils in Aqaba


Al- Badeel Center for Studies concluded the specialized training workshop for the female members of the municipal councils in Aqaba. This workshop took three continuous days (13-15 Feb) in the field of capacity building and skills, with the participation of 25 municipality members from various provinces of the Kingdom. The workshop comes within the framework of the empowerment of party women, council members and activists of local community to gain the necessary skills, especially in the field of budget review, the participatory and urgent budgets that respond to gender, decentralization, local governance and the application of municipality law, preparing projects, interaction with the electoral bases, networking communication as well as other skills that help women occupy leadership positions and take decisions based on the role of woman in the political life, in such a way that is consistent with the national and international regulations.

 In this context, the Al Badeel Center has uncovered a study that was conducted at the beginning of the last year, showing the low level of woman participation in the leadership positions. The survey used the qualitative method to examine the status of woman existence. In addition, it used focused group discussion methodology, with the participation of female activists in the public life.

The workshop – as stated by Mr. Jamal Al- Khateeb, the Chairman of the Center- included a full training content that was prepared with the help of trainers Faris Shdaifan, Abeer Nsairat, Rami Sihweel and Salman Nakresh. Those trainers established various models and applications for the training materials which lasted for continuous three days of theory readings and applications in municipality field.

As a matter of fact, the project aims at enhancing, activating and increasing women role and number in the public work such as associations, unions, civil society organizations, parliament and political parties. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Wahid Qarmesh, the Director of Al- Badeel Center presented the objectives of the workshop and its role in building the capacities of the female municipality council members, through the use of modern communication methods; enable them gain the skills for support, mechanisms of campaigns, enhancing and development of women participation that were notices as weak, based on the visual and sensual observations of the Center (low participation by women).

At the end of the workshop, the participants had interactive and positive dialogues with the trainers, which focused on the means of gaining the support of public opinion, building lobbies, affecting the decision making process, mechanisms of the relationship with the Ministry of Municipalities and networking with other municipalities. 

The participations proposed a number of recommendations, mainly: generalize the benefits of this workshop on all municipality members; develop the municipality law and calling the political parties to provide more care with women issues and provide her with opportunities to occupy leadership positions.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Jamal Al Khateeb, the Chairman of the Center, and Mr. Wahid Qarmesh handed the certificates for the participants.





































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