New News :Al Badeel Center concluded the specialized training course on the interaction and experience exchange among the Jordanian and Palestinian youth in the field of political parties. Al Badeel Center In collaboration with Frederic Ebert concluded a workshop titled" Towards a compatible municipality law"


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Al Badeel Center for Studies & Research

Al Badeel Center for Studies and Research is an independent institution established in Amman in 2006, through an initiative by a group of individuals interested in public affairs.

The center is concerned with research, democratic development and training, as well as social and economic development issues and political modernization. The center publishes books, studies and training manuals, in addition to organizing conferences, symposiums and workshops in the fields related to its work.

Albadeel Center also aims at strengthening democratic awareness by spreading the culture of human rights and enhancing the participation of women and youth and in the process. It targets the development of democracy and the legislation that regulates public affairs , in addition to enhancing the role of civil society organizations.

Moreover, the center concept of dialogue between civilizations and religions and ostracizing radicalism and extremism and confronting terrorism in all of its kinds, together with the differentiation between terrorism and the right of resisting occupation. It seeks to accomplish its role in the fields of economic and social development through raising the visions and suggesting solutions for the of development and the role of individuals and institutions.

A specialized and dedicated team runs the center, which consists of several researchers, administrative staff and technicians. It cooperates with several academic researchers and experts in political, social, economic, cultural and environmental issues. The center finances its activities by selling its publications the product of conducting research and the deliberations of forums, seminars and workshops, and manuals, in addition to the support of various national and international donor organizations which harmonize with the center's agenda and message.

Interests of Center:
Democracy: "Parliament, elections and the electoral systems, constitutional systems, democratic and political development, public freedoms and human rights, and decision making".
* Civil society: "The role of the civil society in all of its different classes and its developments, the public opinion."
* Economic Issues: "The general budget of the country, investment, foreign trade and employment"
* International Issues: "The foreign policy, the Arab relations, the regional conflicts, the Arab Israeli conflict and the settlement efforts."
* Environment: "Environment protection, environmental awareness, the abilities of the environmental institutions and the environmental legislations, water."

Mechanisms of Accomplishment:
1. Encouragement of publication of research and studies.
2. Building an advanced information database.
3. Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops, and extracting suggestions which help decision-makers and civil society leaders, and also serve the researchers and workers in the media; in addition to contributing to the development process.
4. Preparing training programs related to developing skills and building the capacities of individuals and civil society institutions

1. Suggested Draft Election Law for Jordanian Parliament (2007).
2. Evaluation the Parliamentary Performance (2008).
3. Revision of the Laws and Regulations Governing the Work of Professional Associations (2009).
4. Suggested Draft of new Public Meeting Law and the Political Parties Law (2009).
5. Decentralization Project in the Provinces (20092010)
6. Questioner study about Jordanian election law May 2010.
7. Decentralization Project in the Provinces (2010-2011)
8. Following up for the election Laws( fes2011)

9. Parliamentary Reform in Jordan(2011)
10. Following up for the Parties Laws(2011)
11. The project of the Building Political Parties by "The Labour Partys Westminster Foundation for Democracy Work".
12. The project of Womens political participation by " KVINFO"
13. The project Towards the law of the Jordanian Independent Electoral Commission" by AMS











































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